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Our Latest Projects.

Have a look at our most recent project activities below. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a full reference list.

Our Services.

We offer our clients climate change, energy and sustainability related services. In order to serve our clients we have created a network of associated, highly experienced consultants offering expertise in different areas: the European Emission Trading Scheme, Kyoto Protocol based flexible mechanisms; JI/CDM, voluntary carbon standard, GHG reporting, energy management, certification and CSR.


Verification services independently or as subcontractor for a larger certification / verification organisation (eg. EU ETS annual emission reports, signifiant capacity extensions, F-gasses, Corporate GHG inventory Reports, Corporate Social Responsibility Reports and CDP submissions). Since the start in 2007 CCI is providing resources for some major EU ETS verification companies (ISO14064/AVR accredited) for verifying their annual CO2 emissions. CCI staff has been involved in the assurance engagement of HSBC Holdings, CRH plc, Titan Cement, State Street Bank, DesleeClama and others.

Carbon Footprint.

Managing GHG risks and identifying reductions opportunities might be: 1) Identifying risks associated with GHG constraints in the future, 2) Identifying cost effective reduction opportunities, 3) Setting GHG targets, measuring and reporting progress Whether operating local or internationally CCI can help you in determining your carbon footprint in accordance with internationally recognised standards (WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, ISO 14064-1,2, IPEICA, CCAR, Bilan Carbone, ...).

National Inventory Reporting.

CCI staff can provide expertise within aspects of National Inventory Reporting conform IPCC Guidance and has been involved is several projects for enhancement of countries reporting their national GHG emissions under their commitments to the UNFCCC and Long Range Transboundary Air Pollutants/National Emission Ceiling Directive (LRTAP/NEC). Recently we have performed Tier 1,2 uncertainty calculations of the Belgian LRATP inventory.

Allocations under EU ETS.

EU ETS installations facing capacity changes (increase) or new entrants might trigger the need for applying for (additional) emission allowances. CCI staff has proven experience in assessing applications CIMs and can help instatllations in the assessing capacity changes, determining start op normal operation and gather the information needed for preparation of the application request.

Energy Management.

We can offer our experience in implementing a energy management system conform ISO 50001, performing independent internal audits, perform pre-assessments or provide certification. Our staff are Lead Auditors in various ISO standards.

Capacity Building.

CCI can provide assistance in building capacity, training can cover GHG inventory development, verification, MRV, uncertainty calculations, GHG/CSR reporting, ISO50001. Please contact us for more information.

Clean Development Mechanism

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) are two of the three flexible mechanisms within the Kyoto Protocol. Meeting elegible Kyoto Protocol criteria, investments in emission reduction project(s) can generate emission reduction credits that can be traded and/or used for compliance. Besides a regulatory market a voluntary market exists (VERs, VCUs,..). CCI can help in the preparation of the project design documents, implementation of monitoring & reporting and develop the monitoring report.

Corporate Social Reponsibility Reporting

Sustainability reporting is the practice of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders for organizational performance towards the goal of sustainable development. Good CSR reporting needs to strike the right balance of content, presentation, detail, as well as being accurate, transparent and balanced. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Framework is intended to serve as a generally accepted framework for reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance. It is designed for use by organizations of any size, sector, or location. CCI can help setting up your report, determine content, scope, layout, stakeholder engagement (AA1000), ensure complaince with GRI application levels on some or all aspects.

Who Are We.

We offer our clients services related to climate change, energy & sustainability. In order to serve our clients, we have built an international network of associated, experienced consultants with an expert knowledge in different area’s: e.g. the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the Kyoto Protocol based flexible mechanisms, MRV, National Inventory Reporting under UNFCCC, voluntary schemes like the Voluntary Carbon Standard, Corporate Greenhouse Gas reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting. We are subcontracting our knowledge to a number of large certification organisations like DNV, Lloyds Quality Assurance, Kiwa; partnering consultant agencies and some of the major project developers.

Our Process.

Our first question in any customer relationship is asking: “How can we work together to create a more innovative risk or process based solution?” or “How can we most effectively and creatively manage the process together to maximize the benefit from the time we have available?”.

Our Approach.

We create a partnership from the very beginning of the process and concentrate on what the client and the business need rather than “just” providing the services. We pride ourselves on our approach, our tools our partnership and our innovation and we never compromise on quality and integrity.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to become a highly appreciated, sustainable partner. Offering answers and solutions that create added value for your business.

Our Mission.

Although our main focus has been beyond Belgian borders, we are experiencing a growing demand for advisory services on carbon emission trading, communication, carbon product labelling and GHG inventory development. It is our mission is to provide all of our clients highly qualitative sustainable solutions within the areas of climate change and Corporate Social Responsibility by bringing together our knowledge and (international) expertise. In offering our services we underwrite all aspects of ethical/sustainable behaviour.

Meet Our Team.

Sven JP Starckx

Managing Director

CCI has been founded in October 2007 by Sven JP Starckx. Before founding CCI, Sven held a position as Technical Director at Det Norske Veritas (DNV) International Climate Change Services. Within this function he was responsible for technical issues regarding the European Emission Trading Scheme, the EU Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines (MRG and Corporate GHG verification (GHG Protocol/ISO14064/CSI). Sven holds a MSc in chemical engineering, an additional Masters in Environmental Studies (University Ghent) and an eMBA at University Antwerp Management School (UAMS). He has more than 20 years experience in international project managements of projects situated within the public and private domain. Before joining DNV, he was employed by KPMG and Environmental Resources Management (ERM).

Stephen Randall

Ass. Senior Consultant

Steve has over 25 years experience in a wide range of industrial and commercial fields. Expertise in greenhouse gas management, carbon foot printing, GHG inventories, and GHG accounting, including both combustion and process-related emissions. Steve brings strong commercial and strategic awareness and project management skills. Previously Steve was active at Parsons Brinkerhoff as a Principal Consultant and CH2M HILL as a Senior Consultant. Steve holds an MSc, Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London and a BSc (Hons), Chemical Engineering, from Imperial College, London.

Paul Reed

Ass. Senior Consultant

Paul has a longstanding record in climate change services. He is founde of En-Vision (UK) and an active member of the UK Emission Trading Group (ETG) on monitoring an verification, permitting and data issues. Paul is an IEMA registered lead EMS auditor and a UKAS registered lead GHG verifier. Before Paul was GHG sector leader at DNV Certification, UK. Pauk holds a Master in Environmental Studies from the University if Adelaide and a BSc in Geology from the University of Portsmouth.

Bert Wellens

Ass. Senior Consultant

Bert brings in his extensive experience in supporting industrial and public sector in the development of their energy management strategy, energy audits, conceptual design and feasibility studies. He specifically focuses on the identification of opportunities for energy conservation, optimisation and integration of thermal processes, cogeneration and waste heat valorisation. A majority of projects lead by Bert are executed in the framework of voluntary and mandatory GHG reduction programs, cap-and-trade systems and energy benchmark agreements. Bert holds a MSc in Chemical Process Engineering and Nuclear Energy.

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